Build Muscle with High-Protein Bowls

Kevin Byers – Gym Owner and Personal Trainer

Edited: 2/20/2020

Too often, we overcomplicate our daily choices- especially our nutrition choices. The majority of people I work with agree that working out is the easy part, nutrition is the hard part.

As the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. The best supplement you can take is food. Treat your body as a high-end automobile and food as the fuel. You want to put in the best fuel you can buy or that is available at the moment.

When weight-training, every meal counts toward recovering and aids in muscle growth after the workout. To achieve the best results possible, each of your meals should include three simple food categories:

1. Proteins – We make sure we have adequate protein for every meal, except before bed. Some people feel they get a better night’s sleep by not having to digest a protein-heavy meal prior to bed.
2. Carbs or fats – Carbs and fats fluctuate during the day. Both are healthy and very beneficial (in the correct moderation) for a person’s health and weight training goals.
3. Vegetables or fruits – Fruits and vegetables are a must for proper digestion and balanced diet.

Make healthy and wise choices today that you will thank yourself for in years to come.

My choice for a muscle-building meal at The Simple Greek would be a bowl that includes:
– 1 serving of traditional gyro meat
– 1 serving of grilled chicken
– red onions
– roasted red peppers
– Greek dressing
– spicy red pepper sauce
– side of Greek fries

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