What’s Working: Restaurant provides hot meals for Senior Citizens

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — In tonight’s What’s Working, a local restaurant has partnered with the Dumas Wesley Community Center in Mobile to provide a hot meal for senior citizens. The Dumas Wesley Community Center provides meals for seniors five days a week, but since COVID-19 hit, the seniors have not been able to come to the center. The center has been delivering frozen meals to them.

“This is a population, they are suffering the loss of family and quarantine. We are trying to make it a point of contact with these seniors,” said Executive Director, Kate Carver.


Enter The Simple Greek Restaurant in midtown Mobile, and the restaurant’s “Plating Change” initiative. The initiative provides food for people who are underserved. For the last three weeks, The Simple Greek has provided a hot meal to be delivered to the seniors. Owner, Angela Prine, says they were happy to get involved with donating hot meals.

“To be able to love on our community, to know they are happy with our bowls, makes it all worth it,” Prine said.

If you eat at The Simple  Greek in Midtown Mobile, you can help out with the Plating Change initiative by donating your change. That will enable the restaurant to help the Dumas Wesley Center for even longer.

Carver adds that the partnership with The Simple Greek has been a real treat for seniors who are staying safe and staying at home.


Excerpt sourced from article: https://www.wkrg.com/whats-working/whats-working-restaurant-provides-hot-meals-for-senior-citizens/