The Simple Greek offers healthy fast-casual meals in Munster

When Munster native Adam Robertson was working in downtown Chicago, he came across several fast casual restaurants. Now he has his own fast casual concept focused on Greek food.

He and his wife, Katie Robertson, who grew up in Thornton, Illinois, own the only Indiana location of the Simple Greek, which has franchises across the country including in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas.

“Having grown up in that area and living in that area, I thought we did a lot of different things well,” said Adam Robertson, previously of Dyer and now of St. John. “We do burgers well. We do subs well. We do Chinese food well. I saw an opportunity to bring something unique, a different take on food.”

Here is the dish on this local eatery, which opened in April in the Centennial Village development:

On the menu: Authentic flavors and spices of Greece and the Mediterranean seaboard. Dishes include build-your-own bowls, salads, pitas and Greek yogurt with a choice of proteins, toppings and sides.

About the owners: Adam Robertson worked with Villa Catering in Munster throughout high school. His career previously focused on financial investment and consulting so he leans on a team including general manager Tim Glennon, of Munster, and team leader Alyssa Torres, of Crown Point, to run the Simple Greek.

A mission statement: “We’re definitely looking to provide a great experience,” Adam Robertson said. “We’re definitely focused on quality and freshness of food. We want people to really just enjoy, to be able to eat good and healthy food, to do so quickly and to have a great price point.”

Decor: “I went with polished concrete floors. There’s rustic lighting and rustic metal stools and chairs. We have counters near Calumet Avenue where you can sit and enjoy lunch or dinner and watch the traffic and watch the people walking back and forth to the park,” Adam Robertson said.” It’s got a rustic feel but I would say it’s a modern look. It’s really just designed to have people flow in, go through the line, assemble your pita or your bowl, grab your soda or water or what you want, have a seat and be in and out in 20 minutes.”

Specialties: “People are loving the spanakopita, also known as spinach pie, and the rice pudding. People are loving our lemon rice and our lentil soup and the baklava cheesecake. Those things are flying off the shelves,” Adam Robertson said. “People are loving our chicken gyro as far as protein is concerned. I would say second is our traditional gyro. As far as protein I actually like the chicken gyro myself. That’s my favorite. I love the lentils. Every time I try to mix it up a little bit and do a little bit of rice and do a little bit of lentils. I always change it up. The garlic green beans, too, are off the chart for me.”

We’re different because: “People come in and make a choice between a pita or bowl,” Adam Robertson said. “They can have proteins like traditional gyro, chicken gyro or grilled steak. In the bowl we can then put in lemon rice or brown rice or a lentil or salad base. Then you can choose a variety of sauces and fresh vegetables and cheese and all sorts of options so it’s all fresh.”

Prices: Start at $2.25 for sweets or sides, $6.95 for a pita or $8.95 for a bowl.

Logistics: The Simple Greek is at 9611 Calumet Ave., Munster. Hours are 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily. Call 219-922-4976 or go to

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