The Simple Greek Brings Healthy and Delicious Lunch Experience to Wichita Falls

Looking to try something new in Wichita Falls? The Simple Greek is a must-stop for lunch.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to try the new restaurant in Wichita Falls, The Simple Greek. My experience with Gyros before has been pretty limited, but The Simple Greek definitely has what you’re looking for and a new take on the meal, and the menu is actually quite simple.

You can either get a bowl or pita bread for your meal. Then you choose your protein. Gyro (lamb), Chicken Gyro, Steak, Pork, Chicken and Lentils/Rice. Then it’s similar to Chipotle where your meal moves down an assembly line and you add what you want. I got the Gyro on pita with some potatoes, banana peppers and tomatoes on mine. I finally added some of their spicy hummus on top. That spicy hummus will be going on every meal I get there forever. It was amazing.

The gyro was amazing. The perfect meal for a nice lunch during the week.

Warning, this is not a meal you want to eat while driving around town. I would suggest eating in their dining room or waiting to get back home to enjoy the food. They jam pack those gyros and there will be some overflow onto your plate.

I also some ordered some Greek fries, another must-order item, which are fresh cut fries with feta, oregano, garlic salt, red wine vinegar. I could eat an entire bucket of those. They were delicious. I also got a little sample of their Greek yogurt with some honey for flavor. If Greek yogurt is not your thing, that little kick of honey totally changes it around.

Finally, the thing I was most shocked or surprised by was the soda. Yeah, soda an actual selling point of a restaurant? They have a soda company on tap called Stubborn Soda. I had never heard of it, but they don’t use artificial sugars or high fructose corn syrup. It was really good, I tried like four different flavors when I was there. I recommend the cream soda.

All in all, The Simple Greek is a nice restaurant if you want a healthy quick bite to eat. I highly recommend going in and trying it for yourself. I am definitely going back for some of those Greek fries. I have been craving more since I left.

The Simple Greek is located at 3701 Fairway Blvd. It’s in the shopping center right across from the Market Street on Kell. You can call them at 940-692-4976 (GYRO).

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