Simple Greek owners want to add diversity to restaurant scene with new Midland location

Owners of a restaurant that says it can help you “discover your inner Greek” have now opened a second location to make that journey a little easier.

The Simple Greek opened it’s newest Columbus-area location Wednesday morning at 6516 Kitten Lake Drive in Midland. The local franchise is owned and operated by Dan and Nickie Lopez and Steve and Sherry Ginn. The other Simple Greek location is at 1228 Broadway in downtown Columbus.

“We chose this location because of the neighborhood and the need for diversity in the restaurant business out here, “ said Steve Ginn. “We have a customer base at our location downtown and a tremendous amount of those people work downtown but they live out here and over the last year they’ve asked us many, many times to come out this way.”

Brian Anderson, president and CEO of the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, said The Simple Greek and other nearby businesses also will help attract residents from the surrounding counties.

“You’ve got the business park not too far from here that’s got a lot of jobs in it. Retail will tend to crop up around where people work and so this whole development has been wonderful for this side of town,” said Anderson.

Article sourced from Ledger-Enquirer