The Simple Greek is featured in the Highland Park Today

The Highland Park Today, a publication of the Highland Park, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, recently featured an editorial write up on The Simple Greek, highlighting the restaurant for promotion in the local area.
The Simple Greek ‘s Highland Park location, located on Central Avenue, opened in the spring of 2015 and has become a popular spot for those seeking a fast, fresh option for authentic Greek cuisine.
The Simple Greek is the ML Food Group’s traditional Greek restaurant franchise with an interactive concept that combines premium ingredients, open kitchens, and Greek atmosphere in a fast casual setting.

HP TODAY: What type of cuisine does your restaurant specialize in?
TSG: The Simple Greek specializes in authentic, fresh Greek food. It’s a modern approach to a traditional Greek restaurant. You should come try some of our dolmades to see for yourself.
HPT: What’s notable about your restaurant?
TSG: Everything! But seriously, our ingredients do the talking for us – meat cut fresh from the spit and organic honey imported from the Cretan islands, as well as the spices, oils, red wine vinegar and more that we import to ensure authentic Greek flavor. Fresh, quality ingredients make all the difference in every dish we serve. Oh, and we haven’t even gotten around to talking about our yogurt.
HPT: Do you have a signature dish?
TSG: It really depends on your mood! Feeling traditional? We’d recommend our homemade rizogalo (rice pudding). Have a sweet tooth? Try the baklava; it’s homemade, too. Going for a healthy lunch? Build your own bowl with a fresh salad base and all the veggies you could ever want (and tzatziki… you can’t forget the tzatziki).
HPT: How long have you been around?
TSG: The Simple Greek started as a small Greek pita stand in 2004. In 2014, after appearing on The Profit, we became The Simple Greek and what you’ve come to know and love in Highland Park.